1. alexandrediboine:

    starting a new sketchbook

  2. veesdumpingrounds:

    inktober day 7, 8 and 11 !
    I’ve been away on a trip in Kyushu, but I’m back, and will start uploading the inktober regularly : ) if you’re curious though, you can check all of them out on my twitter account or facebook !

  3. directedbychuckjones:

    Background layouts by Maurice Noble, mixed media on 12 field animation paper, for the Chuck Jones directed 1966 television special, “Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. 

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  5. dept-of-research-and-development:

    Kevin Huizenga’s simple, printable comics thumbnailing template.

    It used to be that whenever I tried to figure out a page directly onto the big sheet of paper, there was so much erasing and so much daunting, expensive white space that I would get psyched out. But then I figured out this system of using these 8.5x11 copy-paper templates, and then there was less pressure to get it right the first time. It was easier to dive and do the “shitty first draft.”

    I’ve been using this thing for years! I’ve made some small changes to it but this thing has been gold for me. It’s silly but it totally freed up some brain power that I dont have to waste on panel stuff anymore.

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  7. davidsaracino:

    Happy Columbus Day!

  8. billotomo:

    Some artworks for my projetc called “Happyland”, featuring a theme-park city where everybody is supposed to shut up and pretend having fun…

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    Artworks of “Socks” animated tv series project by Jeremie Perin (Fantasy, Truckers Delight) from his instagram account.


    Wow!!! Blown away.

    So good!

  10. powerheat:

    new short cartoon. did this for fun as a break from work. with my new cool guy character, “General Helmet” and his bud, certified cool doods. I hope you like it. okay bye now.

  12. comicsreporter:

    that wonderful cartoonist richard thompson is 57 today

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  13. airfortress:

    "Enquêtes & Cacahuètes" is a comic project i’m working on with catneep !! We are currently working on pages so, keep updated  hehe ! 

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