1. jreicher:

    I hope I finish this weird film one day.

  2. artbooksnat:

    Image board art work from Studio Ghibli’s The Tale of Princess Kaguya (かぐや姫の物語), illustrated by art director Kazuo Oga (男鹿和雄).

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  5. ca-tsuka:

    Save the day : Clarence new cool animated tv series on Cartoon Network this week.
    Created by Skyler Page (Crater Face), with Nelson Boles as creative director.
    Watch an episode.

  6. swaaarm:

    Make Samus look more like this imo

  7. ca-tsuka:

    "Doraemon at the 2020 Neo-Tokyo Olympic Games"
    Fan animation by Aleix Pitarch ;-)

  9. atelier-sento:

    The Icehouse - Banner for a collective of indie games creators.
    Watercolor on paper

    If you like indie games, you may be interested in the Icehouse, a collective of artists created by 2 French brothers:
    - Simon Says: Watch! Play! is the creator of ASA: A Space Adventure, an adventure game set in a fascinating sci-fi universe. He is currently working on Catyph, its gorgeous sequel.
    - Beckoning Cat is the creator of Chilie, a mobile game about a little Chinese girl who loves chili & calculation. It takes place in a charming pastel world.

    Those two brothers create beautiful games.
    It was a pleasure to paint this banner, inspired by their childhood memories, for their brand-new collective.

    Please check their tumblr and, if you like their work, follow them… and why not join them!


    The icehouse is a mysterious place in the middle of nowhere, where strange people and creatures can meet together, in different genres, from sci-fi to fantasy and beyond. We hope this is the beginning of something great, with interesting projects from many different artists. We’ll be working everyday in this direction.

    »»»» The Icehouse ««««

  10. ca-tsuka:

    Behind the scenes of By Your Side by Tsuneo Goda (Domokun).

  11. stulivingston:

    Here’s a short storyboard exercise from this creeper I saw from the elevator this morning.  When I rough my storyboards I try to keep them about this clean.  Combining the looseness and clarity of gesture, while being selective about the most important information to draw your eye is key to making rough-boards readable and also saving time for cleanup later.  Keep in mind, it takes a LOT of drawing/understanding to break things down simply like this — so don’t be lazy and learn a lot about drawing first kids!!

    Here’s an essay by Rad which better explains this kind of drawing: http://radhowto.blogspot.com/2010/01/drawing-for-storyboards.html

  12. sophiafosterdimino:

    An illustration for Aevee Bee’s piece Thirteen Rules: Why Mammon Machine Cares About Worldbuilding in ZEAL.

    ZEAL is a really great videogame criticism periodical & Aevee’s writing is fantastic, so if you’re into videogames and fantastic writing you should consider supporting ZEAL on Patreon!

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  14. gotosweep:

    the new EBBITS takes a look at the worlds most mysterious artform

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