1. myfashionpashion:


    drawing lots of places this summer

    Hooollllyy these are killeerr

  3. swaaarm:

    Seems like a nice life.

  4. pixelp:

    The games were so good yesterday…so more world cup veggies art!

  5. sketchshark:

    Bumble Meez. 

    My cat is such a fat, fat bee.

  7. jpcoovert:

    Been playing Shovel Knight all weekend and dying a lot. So I had to take a break and make a little gif animation of this rad hero bouncing on one of the cute little slimes from the first Black Knight level.

    It’s a crazy fun Duck Tales/Mega Man/Super Mario World kinda game. Definitely check it out if you like those sorta games :)

  8. grizandnorm:

    The Flying Canoe (When Is High Moon anthology)

    I just completed a first pass (all-digital) on the 8-pages story. I will probably end up changing a few more things along the way, but it should feel about the same in the end. Can’t wait to start cleaning it up and adding color.


  9. veesdumpingrounds:

    4 pages out of 8, of the before the last chapter of NEEBO. Click here to read the other pages.

    It’s part of an anthology fanzine called PAMPLEMOUSSE and you can buy it HERE

  10. empartridge:

    finally have a chance to post this painting I did for the great yuko ages and ages ago (thanks for the scan bro)

    it’s like christmas morning

  11. (Source: pixel-panda)


  15. brianmooredraws:

    New essay on Medium.com, a process post on how I paint a comics page. (And sneak peek at a page from the book I’m putting out later this year.)